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Hairs Love Wholesale Service

In this blog, we want to introduce more details service Hairs Love has for our dear wholesale clients.
To make sure the making high quality making of bundles, we use double-wefted technology. Moreover, our R&D department also use special glue to make wigs stronger stay on the weft, so that avoid hairs dropping. Also, we have our unique technology which we are super proud, called BREATHING HAIR. First, put the hair into high temperature to make the hair open the hair cuticles. Then put the hair into our special-made treatment oil to make the hair drink full of the oil. Then put the hair into a low temperature to lock the oil in the hair cuticles. There is no chemical treatments in the whole process, to make sure the hair will not be hurt, and keep shining, soft and high quality. The hair cuticles are still aligned. In order to keep the hair healthy, we don't do too much to the raw hair what we have acquired, to keep the cuticle healthy, avoid losing nutrition.
We have professional logistics teams and quality inspection departments for wholesale customers. 200 skilled workers, standardized production process, and professional process production line make sure our company can still have high quality products.
We have 3 steps checking the quality. The first step is in our factory. Before shipping to our warehouse, the staffs have to check the hair quality if strong and soft, does the hair color match the picture, etc. After shipping to our warehouse and before stocking them into our warehouse, the warehouse staffs need to check them again: the weight is properly, the length is reached, the hair quality is good enough, the color and texture match the picture. The last time for checking is when the package the ready to ship. The shipping staffs check if the package is perfect and if the orders are left and forgot, etc.

We can provide the free satin bags design, label design, logo design. For small business clients, we accept 1 piece drop-shipping agency. We are also pretty welcome to offer a sample for someone who are finding a new vendor. Also, we can provide real pics/videos or facetime to check the hair. (If you want to check our factory and warehouse, you also can come to here to check it.) If you just want to start your wig business, we also can help you build your website. Never afraid about out of stock happening, we have our own factory. We have ourxiaosean professional 24/7 wholesale customer service ready to help you.

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